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Stage7 Wip9 by juicethehedgehog
Stage7 Wip9
just another screenshot. i wont upload much more images because i'd rather for you to go through the game and play it.

also i realised, this level when im 100% done wont contain your standard robot enemies but just a boss rush. but for the sake of having enemies complete, that's what will be here. unless i somehow get time to draw and script bosses for AI. (i doubt i'll finish that bit before this year is over)
Stage7 WIP number 8 or something by juicethehedgehog
Stage7 WIP number 8 or something
welp, im almost finished with gunstar and then i can go back to streets of rage. i figured i'd drop a couple of images of what i liked and done so far.
just a heads up.  good news and badnews.

bad news 1st.

you probably already aware that i missed my personal deadline of having gunstar ready by the time summer was over (well unity 4.6 didn't release yet either so oh well) so im still putting more to it.

good news.

both Gunstar and streets of rage will be playable before this year is up.

as far as whats finished and being worked on is.

Gunstar: finishing up last bits of the level to make it look really nice. still need to make some enemies though. and a few more frames for nice animation.

streets of rage: Axel will be ready tonight (animations and rig), leaving all left to be done is fixing some textures so they look better (i don't really call my textures impressive at the moment) after that, all that's need to be done is to make some enemies and their AI.

this is mostly the reason why i havent shown people what it looks like yet because im trying to put together something amazing.

also Max is mostly done, i need to finish rigging him so he be animation ready. and to actually spend some time to draw some textures on him. i haven't texture him right away because im trying to create a specific art style that will work well within unity. im an artist and animator before a gamer, so i want to at least make things look nice and make sense.

also im working on blaze, but im really fickle with her, but she'll come after fully making axel to the way i want.

didn't touch skates yet though, but he'll come when everything is hot and ready.

so my expectations of myself;

Gunstar: 1 level, 1 character able to do what he needs to do in game, and perhaps an enemy or 2 to have a reason to shoot.

streets of rage: 2 levels, 1 (2) character(s), unfortunately, i don't think i'll fully model and rig and animate an enemy in time before this year is over due to school so i might just see if i can make a 2player battle mode going 1st. 

tl;dr everything is going to be pretty barren but playable before this year is up.

breath of fire is still on hold cause im so close to having the other 2 projects ready.

early new years resolution: i will collaborate with other people's projects. film, animation, and game. 
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Last Page by juicethehedgehog
Last Page
decided to name this last page since it was the last page of my sketchbook that i didn't fill in. i felt like i should do something more unique soo that's what i did. 

this was something iw orked on while i took the train to commute. and now its pretty much complete. but i'll probably had more detail in the shading values soon. but for now lets call this done.
well im near completion of one of the levels to gunstar. but it's getting pretty tough on the processor and ram seeing as it takes 5 minutes for photoshop to save the level lol. (also with the fact that the level alone has became over 100mb) i've been questioning myself if after i put this demo up, would i continue with the project and just keep adding in more levels and characters.

but here comes the bad news. i'll have to put this project on hold again while i go through school quarter. or invest only little amounts of time until im on break again. but at this rate, it's almost done.

good news is that i'll be shifting gears back to 3DSoR. with modeling and rigging up an enemy or another playable charcter. not only that, but i will be taking care of all of Axel's animation frames.

breath of fire is at a halt right now since im so close to putting gunstar playable.

plus, i think i spent too much time procrastinating school work trying to polish and finish these projects anyway so it's for the best :)

i'll start putting out playable builds once unity 4.6 gets released (might be a bit after though).

gonna take a nap cause i have a headache now! lol
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm an artist who loves to draw and make things using whatever medium available to me. From traditional Potraits and Paintings to digital animation and modeling, I like to do it all. Currently my goal is to become strongly exceptional in as many art styles and mediums as i possibly can.

*incoming rant*
I do not believe in the saying "Jack of all trades but a master at none." because i believe applying oneself on whatever they want to achieve can always return with great results. I'm not saying being a "one-trick pony" is a bad thing. I am also not saying that i fully agree with "not being worried about the man who practices a thousand different punches, but worried about the man who practiced one punch a thousand times" being always true. It's all on an individual's efforts to reach their goal.
*end of rant*

Whenever possible, i like to upload everything i worked on here, both good and bad. So you will likely run into old and often embarrassing attempts of art here. but also new and fun challenges i put myself through to improve my life as an artist.

I'm currently, polishing my skills as a Technical artist, Rigging and creating shader networks and anything else in that category. I haven't stopped doing portraits or any other previous art subject, I just haven't spent free time doing a new one recently.

i am currently working on 2 games (and others that i keep doing but not too dedicated to)
3D Streets of Rage 2 - a 3D remake of the classic 2D side scroller beat-em-up for SEGA Genesis.
Breath of Fire 2 HD - a 2D remake completely redrawn from start to finish of the classic Capcom RPG.

sure, these games are simply remakes of something that's already done but, i never said i was a video game Development Major. plus, I'm having fun here doing something that i can learn from so why the heck not?

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